Varicose vein surgery

This procedure aims to remove the varicose veins in your leg.

Q: Why would I need the operation?

This is usually for cosmetic reasons. Varicose veins may sometimes give you discomfort.  Your surgeon may send you to have an ultrasound to confirm the location of where the problem of the veins are.

Q: What scar will I have and what does the procedure involve?

You will have a cut in the groin as well as multiple small cuts in the leg.  This allows the surgeons to remove the varicose veins and prevent it from coming back. 

Q: What anaesthetic will I have and do I have a choice?

You will need a general anaesthetic.

Q: What are the possible complications and what are the chances that they will occur?

Rarely a nerve that supplies sensation to your foot may be damaged which will cause numbness.  There is also a small chance that the varicose veins may recur.

Q: What can I expect after the operation?

You will have a compression bandage all the way down you leg which will stay on for at least 24 hours.

Q: Should I not be doing certain things after the operation?

You should keep your legs elevated when not walking to decrease swelling.  You should not drive until you are reveiwed by the surgeon.

Q: How long should I be off work?

You may need up to 1 week off depending on the nature of your work.

Q: When will I see my surgeon for review?

Your surgeon will see you between 1 and 2 weeks.