Stitches used

There are numerous types of sutures.  The ones that you see are the ones that are used for suturing up skin.  

Essentially sutures are classified into absorbable and non-absorbable.  There are many manufacturers promoting different types.  The composition of each suture is slightly different.  During an operation a combination of absorbable and non-absorbable sutures may be used. 

Each surgeon will have his or her preference as to the type of sutures used.  When closing skin incisions, absorbable or non-absorbable may be used.  Rarely, skin may be closed with stapling devices.  Non-absorbable sutures and staples require removal.

Q: When should my skin sutures/staples be removed?

Sutures often stay in between 10-14 days.  Sometimes they should be removed earlier. Instances when they are removed early includes location of the scar ie. on the face, or if a wound becomes infected.

Q: How long should I leave the dressing on? 

Dressings are put on normally for the comfort of the patient.  They can often be removed and left open after 1-2 days, provided that the wound is kept dry and clean.

Q: Can I have a shower?

Yes, showering and getting the wound wet temporarily is fine. However we advise that the wound should be dried after the shower. We do not recommend bathing the wound in the bath or pool for long periods.