Ingrown toenail

This procedure involves cutting the side(s) of your toe nail(s) or it may involve removal of your nail completely.

Q: Why do I need the operation?

Your toenail will grow in such a way that it digs into your skin causing infection and pain. 

Q: What scar will I have and what does the procedure involve?

The procedure often involves cutting the side of the nail as well as ablating the nail growth area to prevent that part of the nail from growing back. There is usually no scarring involved.

Q: What anaesthetic will I have and do I have a choice?

This can usually be done uner local anaesthetic or with some sedation.

Q: What are the possible complications and what are the chances that they will occur?

Complications are very low but may involve recurrence of the problem if the nail grows back.

Q: What can I expect after the operation?

You will have a bandage over the involved toe.  This procedure involves your foot, therefore driving may not be recommended until you are reviewed by the surgeon.

Q: How long should I be off work?

Depending on the nature of your work,  if it does not involve your foot then you can return to work the next day.

Q: When will I see my surgeon for review?

Your surgeon will review you within 1-2 weeks to inspect the wound.