Referral process

In Australia, to see a surgeon and get the medicare rebate you will require a referral letter from your GP.  

Some surgeons will charge you a gap fee if seen in their private consultation suite, which you cannot claim back from medicare.  Some surgeons will waive this fee.  

Generally if you are seen in the public hospital, medicare will cover your visit and you will not have to pay a gap fee.  The disadvantage of being referred to a public hospital is the waiting time for an appointment which is variable.

Q: Can I be seen in any public hospital?

Yes. If you know that the waiting period is shorter at a particular hospital and you are willing to travel there, you can ask your GP to refer you to a surgeon that works at that hospital.  This may cut down the waiting time.

Q. Can I make my own arrangement to be seen?  

Yes, provided you have the referral letter from your GP.  You can contact the surgeon directly for an appointment.  We give you this option with our eReferral service or you can call our rooms.